Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 12, 2006

Ships Log

June 12th 2006
Departure Location: Inlet of Napoleonviken off the island of Ango, Sweden
Departure Time: 14:10 hours
Distance Traveled.34.30 Nautical Miles
Arrival Location: Stora Jolpan, Sweden
Arrival Time: 21:34 hours
Weather: light wind, hot

Personal Comments

After waking early for departure we discovered we had become victims of an unusually low lunar tide and were forced to wait until afternoon for the waters to rise enough for us to set sail. Ironically this delay is reminiscent of the delay that Agamemnon and his men experienced when they could not leave their first point of departure due to a lack of wind. In the Iliad, Agamemnon was forced to sacrifice his daughter to appease the gods so they would provide winds for their journey. Fortunately it was not necessary to sacrifice Sophie, the only woman on the boat, to get out of this particular predicament.

While we were stuck we made the best of our time by doing laundry and exploring the island. A mid afternoon dip in the frigid water confirmed that despite the hot weather (Stockholm experienced a high of 32 degrees Celsius, the hottest since 1973) we are still most definitely in the Baltic. It was freezing.

Despite our unexpected delay we still made good time during the day and reached our destination with time to pick up a delicacy of smoked fish that had been caught earlier in the morning.

Research Comments:

Today was a travel day and although there was general discussion, about our goals and our course, there were no specific details relating to Vinci’s theory.



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