Monday, June 26, 2006

June 23, 2006

Ship’s Log
June 23, 2006
Departure Location: Vänö, Finland
Departure Time: 9:30 hours
Distance Traveled: 39.06 nautical miles
Arrival Location: Korpo, Finland
Arrival Time: 16:00
Weather: Sunny, heavy wind from the south west
Max Speed: 7.8 kts
Average Speed: 6.3 kts

Personal Comments:

Midsummer celebrations in Finland!

This afternoon was one of the best days of sailing we have had on the boat. The high winds had us heeled over enough to put the starboard porthole under water and we reached the highest speed we have managed so far.

As we pulled into port this afternoon we found a harbour filled with boats, each decorated with birch branches in celebration of midsummer. While walking in the afternoon we saw a birch pole being decorated with flowers and birch leaves and later that evening Sophie and Dane saw it erected in the center of town.

On the boat we had our own celebration and Jonas prepared a traditional meal of marinated fish, potatoes, and hardboiled eggs. Although we were all a little nervous as we watched it coming out of the package, we had to admit that it was far more tasty then we expected.

Over dinner on the back of the boat we could see a band playing traditional music and watched people dancing polka and a variety of waltzes.

Overall it was an entertaining end to a very good day.

Research Comments:

Unfortunately because we were having such fun celebrating midsummer, we did not have time for discussion today. However, you can look forward to more extensive writing in the near future.


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